How to Balance Homeschooling and Working

Homeschooling is like a full-time job - and if you’re trying to balance homeschooling with your actual full-time job (or even a part-time one), you might be wondering where all the hours in the day have gone. Struggling to handle work and homeschooling? The balance is difficult, but not impossible. Use these tips to help your family accomplish it all.

Be flexible

Is your work schedule unpredictable? The beauty of homeschooling is that it’s easy to fit in your homeschool schedule around the other components of your life. Remember, the point of homeschooling is having flexibility. You don’t have to do school from exactly 9-3, or even from 9-12, every day. You and your kids can complete assignments wherever and whenever works for you. Don’t worry if your homeschool schedule doesn’t look like it “should.” As long as the schoolwork is getting done, that’s the most important thing.

Be efficient

The time you can devote to school might be limited. So when you and your kids do sit down to hit the books, make sure you’re working as efficiently as possible, getting a lot done even in a small amount of time. Try using tactics like the Pomodoro Technique to help your children focus on their work. Then you can knock out school in as little time as possible.


Don’t fall prey to the “mom guilt” that says you have to be the one to walk your child through every minute of their homeschool curriculum. You absolutely have permission to bring other people on board to help teach your children. If you have a spouse, talk with him or her about how you can divide up the kids’ schoolwork between your schedules. Your older kids can help the little ones get their school done. Or maybe you can trade time with another homeschool family - they can watch your kids while you go to work, then you return the favor. Don’t be afraid to let other people help your family out when needed. It takes a village.

Remember this too shall pass

Homeschooling while working might feel completely impossible if you’re in a season where you have small kids. But don’t panic: It’s going to get better. In many ways, homeschooling will get easier as your kids get older. As they continue to grow and become independent, you’ll be able to get them started with an assignment and then walk out the door to go to work while they continue plugging away on their own. The days of markers on the walls will eventually fade into a distant memory.

Give yourself grace

Homeschooling isn’t easy. Being a working parent isn’t easy. Combine the two and you’re doing something pretty impressive. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if a few little things slide by here and there. Take a deep breath and give yourself - and your kids - some grace. You’re doing a great job providing for your family and giving your kids an education that will set them up for success.

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