Arduino Robot 4WD Car

Main Feature

1.Keywish Hummer-bot smart robot car kit is designed for enthusiasts or beginners to get hands-on experience about For Arduino programming, electronics assembling and robotics knowledge

2.This kit includes HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor,Infrared barrier, L293D motor drive board, 9g micro servo motor, line tracking module and Bluetooth module, ect.easy for operation and installation

3.Working modes:Infrared/ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, Infrared object tracking, Infrared line following, Ultrasonic with servo obstacle avoidance (Detecting in forward, left and right directions)

4.APP control: Automatically self-built signal hotspot after power on, the user just needs to connect smart phone with the car's hotspot to control the car through an Android app

5.CD with the best tutorial including the programs and codes which bring you to the robot car world

Components List

2 x smart car Board 

1 x CD-ROM with tutorial

4 x DC geared motor

1 x USB Cable

1 x IR remote control

1 x Emakefun UNO R3 MainBoard

1 x For Arduino extension board

1 x Ultrasound Module

2 x Infrared obstacle avoidance module

1 x L298N tmotor drive board

1 x Infrared line tracking module

1 x 18650 li-battery box

4 x 65mm wheel core

1 x 18650 battery charger

1 x SG90 servo

1 x Potwer indicator digital tube

1 x SG90 Servo fixed plate

1 x Ultrasonic Holder

4 x taluminum alloy holder

1 x 3.0-7.5mm Phillips screwdriver

1 x Cross wrench

6 x M3*30mm Dual channel copper posts

2 x M3*5+6mm Single channel copper pillar

12 x M3 *12mm 14 x M3 *10mm 2 x M3 *8mm Socket head cap screws

8 x M3x8 Round head screw

28 x M3-Hex nuts

2 x M2-Hex nuts

8 x M3*30MM Crosshead screws

4 x M3*8MM

2 x M2*12MM Crosshead screws

Several Cable Tie



1.There no battery in the package,you need to buy yourself.The style of the batteries are 18650 Li-battery and 2320 button battery.

2.In the video, the tires of the car are blue. Due to production problems, the car's tires change from blue to yellow, others are the same, please know that.

Arduino Robot 4WD Car