Biological Microscope Set  100x 600x 1200x



  • Magnifications: 100X, 600X & 1200X.
  • Body Type: durable metal arm.
  • Illumination: built-in LED light and reflecting mirror.
  • Eyepiece: holder type single.
  • Stage: 70 x 65mm.
  • Slide Holder: dual spring clips.
  • Beginner microscope
  • Accessory set
  • Color: Blue
  • Microscope dimensions: 245mm (H) x 85mm (W) x 130mm (D) (9.6 in x 3.3 in x 5.1in).
  • Quantity:1Set

Key Features:

--100X, 600X and 1200X three magnification beginner microscope.

--Durable metal arm with stage and clips

--Reflecting mirror for natural illumination; built-in light for direct illumination

--Built-in Rotating color filter wheel; power indicator on rotating turret

#100X, 600X and 1200X three magnification beginner microscope with metal construction.

#Built-in light for direct illumination.

#Reflecting mirror for natural illumination.

#Battery compartment for 2 AA-size().

#Built-in rotating color filter wheel.

#Specimen stage with stage clips.

#Includes: plastic scalpel, small specimen vials, prepared slides, plastic tweezers etc.


How to use:

There's a whole tiny universe around you ready to be explored! Your microscope is an instrument with special lenses that make very small objects appear much larger. There are millions of tiny living organisms that can be seen in amazing detail through your microscope.


Package include:

  • 1 die-cast microscope
  • 1 scalpel(plastic)
  • 1 tweezers(plastic)
  • 4 collecting vias
  • 1 test tube with cap
  • 1 petri dish
  • 1 pipette
  • 5 prepared slides
  • 18 blank slides
  • 1 stirring rod(plastic)
  • 1 magnifying glass

Biological Microscope Set 100x 600x 1200x