DIY Solar Electric Engineering Building Block Car


1. DIY building block assembly experience.

2. The solar upgrade version has two sports modes that can be switched:

One is powered by an AA battery, and the other is powered by solar panels.

3. This is a four-wheel drive model

You can use the vertical wheels on the four corners to move forward

It can also easily climb over 50mm high obstacles.

4. It includes all the materials required for simple buckling or screwing assembly.

Simple wiring is required to complete the assembly.

5. Three chassis angles can be selected when setting.

6. The is provided by the motor and transmitted to the wheels via the assembled trapezoidal chain.


Product name: assembled solar car

Main material: plastic/plastic

Product size: 28*17*6cm

Product weight: about 250g

Applicable age: Juvenile (7-14 years old)

Color: yellow

Product packaging: color box

Cultivate the various abilities of the child's growth process

1. Ability to seek knowledge, explore and innovate;

2. Ability to think independently and solve problems manually;

3. Understand the transmission principle of machinery and cultivate children's scientific and technological knowledge and exploration ability

Package Included:

1 set*Assembled building blocks

DIY Solar Electric Engineering Building Block Car