Montessori  Threading




Help your child develop their imagination and coordination with this great toy! The worm/caterpillar is attached to string and allows your kid the opportunity of threading it through all the holes.

The Mazing Mouse is a simple, pocket sized toy that's sure to entertain your child while you're on the go. Children can push the mouse through the various holes in the wooden block of cheese and different fruit while the string wraps itself around. When they run out of string rope, they can unwind and play again.

A Beautiful Wooden Learning Toy - Lacing Fruit and Cheese A nostalgic Learning Toy for Toddler, designed to develop Lacing and sewing skills. The end of the thread is made of wood.

Light Weight. Easy for children to hold and play in airplane. Perfect for training space and patience skill.

It is made of sustainable wood with environmentally friendly and non-toxic paints material.

Material: Wooden

Shape: Apple, Pear, Watermelon, Yellow Cheese, Colorful Worm.

Recommended Age:18 Months and above



Montessori Threading

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