WeDo 2.0  Construction Set

WeDo (Maker) 2.0 Set is a new, simple and basic programing that can connect the electronic component directly on the computer, Android tablet and mobile phone through Low Energy Bluetooth . It is rich and interesting and easy to operate. Connecting to a PC port requires a separate Bluetooth adapter (you need to purchase a separate WeDO2.0 Bluetooth adapter), and the Android tablet and phone can be connected directly via Bluetooth. We provide tutorials, please contact us if you need. The Maker 2.0 Electronic component and 280 building blocks. Wedo2.0 can be working on Wedo2.0 software

Age Range: 5-7 Years
Type Number: Technic Wedo
Model Number: Compatible with WEDO 45544 45502 45301 45303 21980 For 45300
Warning: 45300 45502 45302 45503 45303 45304 EV3
Material: Plastic
Name: WeDo2.0 Robotics Construction Set

WeDo 2.0 Construction Set

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